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Corporate Video Production for Law Firms

Corporate Video Production for Law Firms

| November 24, 2019

Let’s face it, law firms need corporate video production. Video is a great way to connect with a potential client and give them the information they’re looking for without having to engage in direct interaction. This saves time which saves money. In this post, we’re shedding light on one of the few corporate video production companies in Houston which serves law firms almost exclusively.

Alimony in Texas? No. It’s Spousal Maintenance

Alimony in Texas? No. It’s Spousal Maintenance

| June 12, 2017

The general definition of alimony is the amount of money that a spouse provides after a divorce or separation. In Texas however, there is a procedure to follow before the court orders this kind of payment and it mostly happens after divorce.

A family lawyer will play a huge part in this process and it is not a mandatory that the case goes to court. You can have a settlement meeting between you, the partner who wants alimony and the family lawyer and agree to the terms of the payments. These meetings are referred to as mediation.

The case will only go to court if both parties fail to agree to an out of court settlement. In Texas, the money paid to the spouse as alimony is called as spousal maintenance.  Some Houston divorce lawyers are the most respected lawyers for both men and women who are fighting monetary claims of the losing party.

The John Dykes case

For over ten years, John and Sasha were officially married with three kids. It was then that John started an illegal affair with his secretary at his place of work. On the other hand, Sasha spent her time mostly at home taking care of the kids. She did not therefore have a stable income. As expected, Sasha one day found out the illegal affair that her husband had with the secretary at Lakeway. She filed for a divorce in a court based in Houston, Texas.

Despite the suggestion by their family lawyer to settle the matter out of court, both parties did not agree and after the divorce was finalized, the court had to decide whether Sasha deserved spousal maintenance or not.

The court ruled in favor of Sasha and now John has to part with a lot of money each end month as alimony.


Alimony also known as spousal maintenance is the price on partner has to pay in the case of a divorce or otherwise for the purposes of providing for the other partner. Alimony can also serve as child upkeep if any.

Alimony in Texas? No. It’s Spousal Maintenance

The Importance of Private Investigators for Infidelity & Divorce

The Importance of Private Investigators for Infidelity & Divorce

| November 18, 2016

There may be a number of situations that make you suspect that your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on you. They may be secretive about text messages or phone calls they receive, or they may be spending more and more time working late at the office. It can be hard to come to terms with the fact that your partner may be cheating and you may want proof before you start to make any accusations.

Talk With A Private Investigator

Hiring an experienced infidelity investigator like Gradoni & Associates can help you get to the truth.

Infidelity investigators can carry out surveillance of your partner to find out where they really are when they have told you that they are working late. They will also be able to access phone records to see if there is any suspicious activity or numbers that are called a lot. All of the information that they compile will be used to prepare a report for you.

GPS Monitoring The Cheaters

Some infidelity investigators will be able to provide you with equipment that will let you monitor your partners movements yourself. Tracking equipment can be placed in their car which you will be able to access and this will let you see where your partner is at all times. However, you may want to choose to have some professional surveillance as well in order to make sure that you have all your facts straight.

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You will be feeling a whole range of different emotions if you suspect that your partner is cheating on you. You will understandably be very hurt, but you will probably also experience a lot of anger. It can be difficult for you to bide your time when you are feeling this way, but if you are wrong then you could cause irreparable damage to your relationship. It is a better idea to be armed with the facts and this is why hiring an infidelity investigator can be such a good idea.

UNSEALED: The US Sought To Change The Historical Record Of A Court Proceeding

UNSEALED: The US Sought To Change The Historical Record Of A Court Proceeding

| August 6, 2014

A few weeks ago we fought a battle for transparency in our flagship NSA spying case, Jewel v. NSA. But, ironically, we weren’t able to tell you anything about it until now.

On June 6, the court held a long hearing in Jewel in a crowded, open courtroom, widely covered by the press. We were even on the local TV news on two stations. At the end, the Judge ordered both sides to request a transcript since he ordered us to do additional briefing. But when it was over, the government secretly, and surprisingly sought permission to “remove” classified information from the transcript, and even indicated that it wanted to do so secretly, so the public could never even know that they had done so.

We rightly considered this an outrageous request and vigorously opposed it. The public has a First Amendment right not only to attend the hearing but to have an accurate transcript of it. Moreover, the federal law governing court reporting requires that “each session of the court” be “recorded verbatim” and that the transcript be certified by the court reporter as “a correct statement of the testimony taken and the proceedings had.” 28 U.S.C. § 753(b).

The Court allowed the government a first look at the transcript and indicated that it was going to hold the government to a very high standard and would not allow the government to manufacture a misleading transcript by hiding the fact of any redactions.Ultimately, the government said that it had *not* revealed classified information at the hearing and removed its request.But the incident speaks volumes about the dangers of allowing the government free rein to claim secrecy in court proceedings and otherwise.

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Greed, Lawyers, And Legal Fees

Greed, Lawyers, And Legal Fees

| June 27, 2014 | 0 Comments

There are a number of instances when a person will get in trouble with the law, and rightfully seek out a criminal defense attorney to help them deal with the criminal charges against them.

This can play out in the following ways;

  • A Plea of Guilty
  • A Plea of Not Guilty
  • A Plea of No Contact
  • An Acquittal
  • Case Dismissal
  • Accept Probation

Depending on who you hire for your criminal defense, it will have a big impact on the type of defense services you get in exchange for your legal fees. Some attorneys attempt to plea every case out, other lawyers try to fight every single case, even ones they know they can’t win.

Take the case in Houston involving the Mexican lady who killed the college professor with her shoe. With the dead man’s hair and blood dried up on the shoe heel, the defense attorney in her corner had a snowball’s chance in hell of winning that case.

I mean, she stabbed him over 50 times with a 6 inch stiletto shoe heel. Who has sympathy for a person with the energy to stab a person over 20 times? It takes a lot of energy to do a stabbing like that. Heck, she could have just walked away after hurting the man enough to get him away from her long enough for her to bail out.

Finding a Good Lawyer

Finding a Good Lawyer

| June 12, 2014

There are a number of times in our lives when we are thrust into a situation in which it will require the hiring of a licensed attorney. The main reason that attorneys are in demand is because the average person may not have the necessary skills or knowledge needed to successfully litigate a case pro se in the court of law.

Litigating a case on your own will leave you subject to not only embarrassment, but an unfavorable result from the court of law at the outcome of any trial you attempt to argue.

There are a number of resources available online to help people find a good lawyer with expertise in the area of law in question. Whether you are looking for a criminal law attorney, a personal injury lawyer, or a bankruptcy attorney, there should be a number of reviews, references, and recommendations of local lawyers who can help you with your case.