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Getting Help After a Weekend DWI Arrest

Getting Help After a Weekend DWI Arrest

| March 6, 2015

People tend to put themselves in a position to be arrested for the silliest reasons with the main one among them being DWI related offenses. A DUI or DWI related criminal charge is an offense in which people are busted by police officers for driving while intoxicated on public roads. In Texas and especially in Houston, DWI offenses result in thousands of deaths every year.

Understanding Texas DWI Charges

A criminal charge of Driving Under the Influence (DUI) can apply if the officer suspects that the motorist is under the influence of drugs while operating a motor vehicle on public roads. The DUI charge can apply whether the substance is an illegal narcotic or if the motorist is under the influence of prescription drugs.

Some people, like myself, don’t drink alcoholic beverages for a myriad of reasons. For one, the effectiveness of your decision making abilities takes a hit, you tend to spend more money than average, and there is the threat of being jailed for public intoxication.

The main reason I don’t drink is because of the threat of hangover, and that funky taste that lingers in your mouth when you wake up sober.

Texas and DWI Offenses

Finding The Right Legal Help

There are a number of expert DWI attorneys in the Houston area who are available to consult with anyone who needs legal representation. The main three lawyers of the bunch that I want to highlight are Houston DWI Defense Attorneys Tad A. Nelson, Dane Johnson, and Tyler Flood. They are some of the best in the business when it comes to defending individuals of accused of DUI and other crimes which involving impaired driving.

When you hire a lawyer to represent you on a criminal DWI offense in Texas, you want to make sure that you are represented by the best lawyer you can find. This should include a lawyer who has a respectable resume of experience behind their name in your area of need.

Having an experienced lawyer fighting for you can mean the difference between getting the maximum sentence if you are convicted, and walking out of court with a slap on the wrist.

You’ll certainly want to schedule a consultation with a lawyer if you are innocent of police allegations. The last thing you would want to do is enter into a plea agreement which would create a criminal record that will end up following you around for the rest of your life. All for a crime you didn’t commit.

With the public outcry against DWI offenders due to the number of preventable deaths on Houston and Texas highways, a criminal conviction could result in a stiff prison sentence. The, upon your release, the record of the offense will potentially hold you back in life and hinder the kind of advancement opportunities that involve a review or request of any criminal background history you may have.

Always be sure to secure legal representation if you have to deal with the criminal justice system in Texas. Your life may depend on it.

The Many Victims of Juvenile Murders

The Many Victims of Juvenile Murders

| February 15, 2015

When a young person commits murder they face the real possibility of a life sentence in a state run correctional facility. The thing with young people is that sometimes they don’t take into account the consequences of their actions, actions which are in most cases, inspired by the phenomenon known as peer pressure.

There are multiple victims in these cases where minors are found guilty of killing someone.

The main victims are obviously of friends, family, and loved ones of the person who lost their life at the hands of the juvenile offender.

Other victims in the case are the offender themselves being at a young age and running their lives due to a temporary mistake that carries massive penal consequences.

The other victims, who are often not given consideration, are the friends, loved ones, and family members of the offender. These young people also lose their lives. Although they are not murdered, their caged like animals for life terms, and in some cases, they are killed in jail by other inmates.

We believe that if you do the crime do the time. We also champion the death penalty. However, some consideration should be given to minors who make mistakes at a young age.

Serial killer Joshua Wade

Serial killer Joshua Wade

| December 23, 2014

There are number of terrifyingly evil people living amongst us in our society. This is true whether you live in Texas, California, New York, or any other state in the union. If it wasn’t for our constitutional rights to bear firearms I wouldn’t know what to do with all the sickos running around when it comes to my protection.

The video we’re sharing in this article features serial killer Joshua Wade, a man who heinously murdered multiple people none of which had done anything to deserve such treatment from him. The crime(s) happened in Alaska, the FBI got involved, the evidence began to point in one direction, and the rest as they say is history. This bastard murdered at least five people in Alaska.

Why It’s Best To Avoid DWI Offenses

Why It’s Best To Avoid DWI Offenses

| December 23, 2014

One of the main reasons that you may want to avoid being arrested for DWI in Texas is because the criminal offense is harshly prosecuted in the court of law. This is especially true in Houston and Galveston.

Public Safety

One of the main reasons that these form of criminal offenses are prosecuted so harshly in court, is because of the numbers of innocent people killed on roadways due to drunk drivers who lose control of their vehicles, fall asleep at the wheel, or simply veer out of their lanes, almost always causing serious injury and/or death.

You May Lose Your Texas Drivers’ License

If you are arrested for a DWI offense in Texas you’ll need to hire a criminal defense attorney who is adept at litigating cases involving DWI charges for the best chance at any chance in the Texas criminal justice system.

The minute you are arrested for DWI marks the beginning of a 15 day countdown, at the end of which, you’ll lose your Texas Drivers’ License by a process initiated by the state of Texas that is referred to as ALR or Administrative License Revocation. This makes it extremely important to hire a DWI lawyer as soon as you can as your turn will be able to take measures to prevent the suspension of your Texas Drivers’ License.

You Face Conviction for DWI

A conviction for DWI in the state of Texas is a serious consequence of being found guilty of the crime in the court of law. The penalties associated with DWI convictions include jail time, loss of drivers’ license, financial penalties, increase in insurance premiums, probationary requirements, the installation of anti-drunk driving devices in your vehicle, public stigma, and a criminal record that will only serve to hinder your professional growth.

We hope the information shared in this article will help someone to make a better decision when it comes to drinking and driving.

Why It’s Best To Avoid DWI Offenses

UNSEALED: The US Sought To Change The Historical Record Of A Court Proceeding

UNSEALED: The US Sought To Change The Historical Record Of A Court Proceeding

| August 6, 2014

A few weeks ago we fought a battle for transparency in our flagship NSA spying case, Jewel v. NSA. But, ironically, we weren’t able to tell you anything about it until now.

On June 6, the court held a long hearing in Jewel in a crowded, open courtroom, widely covered by the press. We were even on the local TV news on two stations. At the end, the Judge ordered both sides to request a transcript since he ordered us to do additional briefing. But when it was over, the government secretly, and surprisingly sought permission to “remove” classified information from the transcript, and even indicated that it wanted to do so secretly, so the public could never even know that they had done so.

We rightly considered this an outrageous request and vigorously opposed it. The public has a First Amendment right not only to attend the hearing but to have an accurate transcript of it. Moreover, the federal law governing court reporting requires that “each session of the court” be “recorded verbatim” and that the transcript be certified by the court reporter as “a correct statement of the testimony taken and the proceedings had.” 28 U.S.C. § 753(b).

The Court allowed the government a first look at the transcript and indicated that it was going to hold the government to a very high standard and would not allow the government to manufacture a misleading transcript by hiding the fact of any redactions.Ultimately, the government said that it had *not* revealed classified information at the hearing and removed its request.But the incident speaks volumes about the dangers of allowing the government free rein to claim secrecy in court proceedings and otherwise.

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Prison Break – The UK Prison

Prison Break – The UK Prison

| August 6, 2014

Its amazing the level of ingenuity some prisoners wield when taking steps to escape the prisons that house them. I figure the best way to escape from jail is to never commit a criminal offense in the first place. And with the way their police state is installed in Britain, shock and awe is the feeling I get when examining the notion that one would piss off the authorities, then escape from their jail.

Idiot Criminals

Idiot Criminals

| July 19, 2014

In the video featured in this post you’ll get a look at some of the idiots who think they are their neighborhood’s soldiers (as if neighborhoods have fighting armies) and end up in jail for criminal activity likely caused by their affiliation with gangs.

Video Documentary: The High Rolling Reverend

Video Documentary: The High Rolling Reverend

| July 15, 2014

In this post we’re going to take a look at the southern church scam artist working as a pastor named Abraham Kenard. When he got people to write our their checks they made them out to Network International Investment Corporation. A number of southern ministers were scammed by Dr. Abraham Kenard.

The Scam

For an investment of 3,000.00, the investing church would get half of a million dollars in return.

The scam worked on hundreds of churches in the southern bible belt. In fact, pastors couldn’t buy into the plan fast enough. The hook of the scam was that corporations were trying to donate tax dollars to local churches, for the purpose of getting a tax write off. Once the word got out that you could spend 3,000.00 for 500,000.00, they couldn’t spend the incoming investments fast enough.

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