Child Pornography Offenses & Texas Law

In the Great State of Texas, the law defines child pornography as any media which depicts children in a sexually compromising position or predicament.

If a person is caught by police or thought to be in possession of any form of media that shows sexually explicit images of minors, which includes photos and videos, a person will face felony charges in the state of Texas and possibly at the federal level.

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Sex Crimes with Children as Victims

Any time a person is accused of a crime involving or against a child it’s a serious offense which pits humanity and the court against the defendant. The stakes are only higher in cases where a child is a victim of an adult, but there’s sex involved.

If you or anyone else is found guilty of a sex crime involving a child, you’ll face steep criminal penalties and the same is true of criminal offenses involving the possession, distribution, and manufacture of child pornography.

Sex Crimes, Texas Law, and Criminal Convictions

Persons convicted of the possession of child pornography will face stiff consequences which include fines, a sex offender registration requirement, a criminal record, and worse of all, prison time at one of the human cage facilities that are commonly referred to as prisons. In Texas, prison units and penitentiaries are operated by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice or TDCJ for short.

I swear, living amongst society’s dregs is probably one of the last places anyone wants to be. To be forced to live a life (or a considerable portion of it) in the company of killers, drug addicts, and people who generally have bad attitudes and mannerisms has to be experience not worth having. For this reason, you’ll want a solid Houston criminal defense lawyer to help you fight back against allegations of your involvement in a sex related criminal offense involving children.

Penalties for Possession of Kiddy Porn

Possession of child pornography is classified as a 3rd degree felony criminal offense in the state of Texas which can result in a prison sentence of up to 10 years and a monetary fine of $10,000.00 for an additional penalty. Also worth nothing, if you’re charged with multiple counts of the offense and subsequently convicted, you’ll have to serve each sentence consecutively rather than concurrently.

In other words, if you’re charged with 10 counts of possession of child pornography you could be sentenced to up to 300 years in a prison facility that’s operated by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and that’s if the USDOJ doesn’t pick up the case.

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