Drug Addict Arrest in Houston

Drug Charges: Texas & Consequences

For folks unfortunate enough to get themselves arrested for a drug possession offense, there are options that might keep you out of jail if they don’t result in the outright dismissal of your case altogether. Bennett & Bennett is one of the leading criminal justice law firms in Houston for individuals accused of drug possession offenses. In Texas, prosecutors aren’t friendly with drug offenders. To put it a different way, there are people in Texas serving 60+ years for the possession of a few rocks of crack-cocaine. See what I mean? Texas prosecutors lick their chops with a salivating intensity to match the amount of time a guilty person must serve before they get another chance at freedom. This is why criminal defense lawyers with experience fighting drug charges are so important.

Understanding Penalties for Texas Drug Convictions

Drug Addict Arrest in HoustonA person that’s convicted of their first drug offense will have a chance at a minimal sentence. A person that’s a habitual drug offender could face a lengthy prison sentence. Possession of any drug, with the exception of minuscule amounts of marijuana, is a felony offense in the state of Texas.

To illustrate what this means, the possession of trace amounts or even residue of cocaine, meth, heroin, crack, and PCP can result in a minimum of 2 years state jail and up to life in prison for persons with a history of drug offenses. Considering the concept that drugs are the precursor to violent crimes, the defendant can expect to be treated like a murderer or worse as far as the criminal justice system is concerned.

If you or someone you know is under arrested for a drug crime, they’ll need a skilled criminal law attorney as counsel as soon as time permits. Why? Because an experience dope-case lawyer will know how to find defects in the case, how to weed out bullshit witnesses and expose them, and the best way to pursue a case dismissal or some form of probation. Real drug lawyers know how to keep people out of jail.