Why It’s Best To Avoid DWI Offenses

One of the main reasons that you may want to avoid being arrested for DWI in Texas is because the criminal offense is harshly prosecuted in the court of law. This is especially true in Houston and Galveston.

Public Safety

One of the main reasons that these form of criminal offenses are prosecuted so harshly in court, is because of the numbers of innocent people killed on roadways due to drunk drivers who lose control of their vehicles, fall asleep at the wheel, or simply veer out of their lanes, almost always causing serious injury and/or death.

You May Lose Your Texas Drivers’ License

If you are arrested for a DWI offense in Texas you’ll need to hire a criminal defense attorney who is adept at litigating cases involving DWI charges for the best chance at any chance in the Texas criminal justice system.

The minute you are arrested for DWI marks the beginning of a 15 day countdown, at the end of which, you’ll lose your Texas Drivers’ License by a process initiated by the state of Texas that is referred to as ALR or Administrative License Revocation. This makes it extremely important to hire a DWI lawyer as soon as you can as your turn will be able to take measures to prevent the suspension of your Texas Drivers’ License.

You Face Conviction for DWI

A conviction for DWI in the state of Texas is a serious consequence of being found guilty of the crime in the court of law. The penalties associated with DWI convictions include jail time, loss of drivers’ license, financial penalties, increase in insurance premiums, probationary requirements, the installation of anti-drunk driving devices in your vehicle, public stigma, and a criminal record that will only serve to hinder your professional growth.

We hope the information shared in this article will help someone to make a better decision when it comes to drinking and driving.

Why It’s Best To Avoid DWI Offenses