Alimony in Texas? No. It’s Spousal Maintenance

The general definition of alimony is the amount of money that a spouse provides after a divorce or separation. In Texas however, there is a procedure to follow before the court orders this kind of payment and it mostly happens after divorce.

A family lawyer will play a huge part in this process and it is not a mandatory that the case goes to court. You can have a settlement meeting between you, the partner who wants alimony and the family lawyer and agree to the terms of the payments. These meetings are referred to as mediation.

The case will only go to court if both parties fail to agree to an out of court settlement. In Texas, the money paid to the spouse as alimony is called as spousal maintenance.  Some Houston divorce lawyers are the most respected lawyers for both men and women who are fighting monetary claims of the losing party.

The John Dykes case

For over ten years, John and Sasha were officially married with three kids. It was then that John started an illegal affair with his secretary at his place of work. On the other hand, Sasha spent her time mostly at home taking care of the kids. She did not therefore have a stable income. As expected, Sasha one day found out the illegal affair that her husband had with the secretary at Lakeway. She filed for a divorce in a court based in Houston, Texas.

Despite the suggestion by their family lawyer to settle the matter out of court, both parties did not agree and after the divorce was finalized, the court had to decide whether Sasha deserved spousal maintenance or not.

The court ruled in favor of Sasha and now John has to part with a lot of money each end month as alimony.


Alimony also known as spousal maintenance is the price on partner has to pay in the case of a divorce or otherwise for the purposes of providing for the other partner. Alimony can also serve as child upkeep if any.

Alimony in Texas? No. It’s Spousal Maintenance